Laser Hair Treatment – A New Hope for Women

Yes, women lose their hair, too. Female pattern baldness is more common than you might think, although women tend to go to greater lengths than their male counterparts to hide their Hair Loss problem

Surprising though it may be, men are not the only ones suffering from Hair Loss. After all, women are not supposed to go bald, right? As a society, we’ve come to accept men losing their hair as sort of the natural order of things. Despite generations of creams, snake oils and hormones that have little effect on the male hairline, men have mostly come to terms with their lot in the Hair Loss department. Women, on the other hand, have not. Why? Because a woman’s hair has always been tied to her beauty, vitality and well sexiness. Right or wrong, a woman without a full head of hair just feels less than her bountifully tressed counterpart.

Now there’s hope for women who are suffering from Thinning Hair or excessive Hair Loss. Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) has been in use in Hair Loss clinics around the world for some time, but with recent FDA approval, is only now being recognized in both United Kingdom and America as a viable Hair Loss Treatment. Laser Hair Therapy is a revolutionary approach to stopping Hair Loss in its tracks and even reversing it. How does it work? In simplest terms, Laser Hair Therapy approaches stopping hair loss in an entirely new way. It utilizes low-level laser light to stimulate proteins in the hair follicles and rejuvenate them, generating stronger, thicker hair and in many cases, regrowing hair that has been lost.

But before we can understand how Laser Hair Therapy reverses women’s hair loss, let’s look at what causes it. Women who lose hair because of genetics, over-active sebaceous glands or the conversion of hormones like testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a leading cause of hair loss – tend to have a different pattern of Hair Loss than men. They lose hair in an all-over pattern, thinning mostly over the entire crown, as opposed to a receding hairline or circular bald patterns common to men. Women’s hair shafts get gradually thinner and thinner until parts of scalp become visible through the hair. Also, cycles of hair growth can be disrupted because of these same issues and the hair that might naturally grow back after a complete cycle of growth, fails to do so. The weakening proteins that feed the hair’s root simply cannot support it. Weak or thin hair shafts cannot compete with these roadblocks and eventually stop growing.

This is where Laser Hair Therapy for women can change the dynamic of your scalp. The low levels of laser light are generally delivered at a Hair Loss Clinic under a hair-dryer-like hood for twenty to thirty-minute increments. It’s completely safe and does not heat the scalp. Instead, low-level Laser Hair Therapy stimulates the proteins and the blood circulation around the hair follicle allowing it to shed any buildup of oil or DHT and to grow in strong. Many women see a difference after Laser Hair Therapy within three or four weeks. A very high percent of women notice hair regrowth typically within two to six months.

Remember, the body has it’s own cycles of hair growth and resting phases. In order for the hair to grow back, it must cycle into a growth phase. Most healthy hair tends to grow for 2-3 years and then goes into a resting phase before falling out. A new shaft will replace it in a few weeks and begin a new phase of growing. Laser Hair Therapy not only strengthens and thickens the hair you still have by allowing the root to absorb calcium and other vitamins, it clears the way for new growth of thick, healthy hair.

Laser Hair Therapy has been found to be useful not only in genetic Hair Loss, but in Hair Loss due to medical conditions such as prescription drug use, or chemotherapy and can clear up scaly, itchy scalp as well.

Sandra Janes, a twenty-seven year old mother of two, began losing her hair after her pregnancies. While her friends were growing back thick hair after their pregnancies, her hair stubbornly refused to grow back. Sandra felt embarrassed by her thinning hair and tried everything from thickening shampoos to hair extensions to cover it up. In the end, nothing really worked and she found herself hiding out in her house, or covering her head when she went out. Her friends didn’t care that she’d lost hair, but Sandra couldn’t match up the old image she still had about herself with the one she now faced in the mirror every day. As a nursing mom, she couldn’t take drugs or use anything that might harm her baby.

Desperation drove her to find healthy alternative solutions. Laser Hair Therapy was the answer she was looking for. She found a nearby clinic and underwent regular Laser Hair Therapy treatments. She saw results quickly. Her hair began to grow back in the patchy places where she’d lost it. And the rest of her hair got thicker and healthier. Today, a year later, Sandra can recognize herself in the mirror again. Laser Hair Therapy gave her hair exactly the boost it needed to recover from her pregnancy-induced Hair Loss.

Whatever your Hair Loss story, whether you’ve always been plagued by thinning hair or whether your hair loss has been caused by some medical crisis, Laser Hair Therapy may just be the answer you’ve been searching for. It’s an economical, non-invasive way to bring your hair back to life again.

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