Easy Ways To Lose Weight At Home – A Great Way To Start

When I first started working on my goal for losing weight, I hit the internet looking for information on where to start from. I was so hungry for knowledge...

When I first started working on my goal for losing weight, I hit the internet looking for information on where to start from. I was so hungry for knowledge and in the process I was bombarded with a lot of ideas. I was looking for an easy way to lose weight at home.

The reason for my working out at home was that I didn’t have the money for a gym subscription. So I had to look for alternative way to get the excess weight off because my health was disorienting so rapidly.

If you are reading this article now you must be in the same position I was in a few years ago, or it might be an issue of time for you or something else. Whatever the reason is, there are ways you can lose weight at home and it’s not that hard as many believe.

First Things First

I believe at this time of your life you must know that every thing we do in life starts in the mind. You must believe that well as majority of the people go to gym to lose weight, it’s possible to lose insane weight at home. That is the first place to start.

That alone will move you 50% ahead.

It won’t help you in any way to start exercising without preparing your mind and this is because soon or later you will easily give up.

It’s imperative that you look into yourself and believe that it’s possible and not just possible but possible for you. It’s most likely that you will be working out a lone and 90% of the world’s population lack discipline.

You must agree with me that if you are disciplined in a certain are doesn’t guarantee discipline in another area, so must prepare you mind that this is a new discipline that you are going to develop. It will take you some time to master and it will require tremendous effort before you see results.

Where To Start

I believe that through in your search you have come across a variety of programs(exercises) that help in the area of weight loss. There are those that are easy and those that are very challenging. We often fall into a trap of thinking that it’s the challenging exercises the get the job done.

I don’t refute that but you must also know that we grow into those challenging programs as the moderate ones become easier.

It’s also very important to know that we have different body types, different weight and very different endurance levels. Comprehending that will help you sort out what’s for you and what’s not.

So seeing some expert doing a certain workout and you can’t do the same often times is very demoralizing. Such experiences make it feel like you’re doing a lot of nothing.

The cure to all this is simply evaluating the level at which you are at. Its very important to pick exercises you can handle for every body part. Ex If you can’t do a full push up then you can do a push up with your knees down. If you can’t do a full squat then go for a half squat.

As you do those exercises that you can do, always endeavor to do two or three of those exercises that challenge you. Ex When you do half push-ups, at the end or beginning of the workouts try to do two or three of the full push-ups.

Before you realize, boom you will be able to do the full ones. We only get better as we practice those things that we set out to do. If your the kind with some experience, then if you can do 30 squats, then the next time at five and do 35.

As you gradually increase the intensity or call the reps, you body weight will change will be definite. Remember to do exercises that target various body parts.


Consistency is by far the most important aspect in you journey to lose weight. You have to be deliberate and focused in order to easily lose weight at home. One key to help you be consistent is making the workout sessions fun or interesting.

You can listen to your favorite music or your favorite audio book or an inspirational audio as you workout. This will give your mind something else to think about other than focusing on the discomfort.

Come up with a workout schedule and make efforts to stick by it whether you feel like or not working out. Even if you don’t feel like, at least go through the motions. Don’t think about it so much, just think about it as if brushing your teeth.

Soon or later, you will not struggle as much. If you set out to workout four times a week, workout four time a week without fail.

Tick off each day that you work out. Looking at the calendar full of ticked days will give you a sense of accomplishment and if it’s all blank, trust me it will check you deep inside and you will get back to work.

Without consistency, I don’t care at what level your at, you will never lose weight at home or in the gym.


The best way to tell your progressing is when you can do the things you never could before. Let’s say you were not able to do a full push up and now you can do one or more then that’s great progress.

I highly discourage weight scales because they have done more good than harm. If your looking for something to discourage you on your journey just step on a weighing scale every single day.

There are better ways to tell you’re doing well like the way your clothes fit and the way you feel. In fact these are the most important things to look forward to. Another thing you need to know is that progress takes some time to be realized.

You have to keep on pushing your self little by little out of your comfort zone to ensure constant progress.

How Bad Do You Want It?

It’s easy to say that I want to lose weight or I want to get rid of belly fat. Taking action towards that is the hardest part and hanging in there is the worst part. Many people get it in their mind and even start working out only to see them quit after a few weeks or months.

This is a journey that never ends. This is a lifestyle. Do not be deceived that when you reach you perfect body and it’s all done.

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