Body Weight Workouts For Beginners – 4 Exercises To Lose Weight

As you very well know there are thousands and thousands of exercises, but today we are going to look at only four body weight exercises that are very effective...

As you very well know there are thousands and thousands of exercises, but today we are going to look at only four body weight exercises that are very effective when it comes to losing weight as a beginner.

First of all you must know that body weight exercises don’t require any extra gadgets and you also don’t need a lot of space to execute.

This makes it possible for you to exercise anywhere and any time. This also removes 98% of the excuses for not starting your physical health life.

With the four body weight exercises for beginners shared below, you will be able to see your metabolism skyrocket and hence weight loss.

Star Jump

Through experience, I have come to believe that star jumps are a good place to start. This is an exercise that’s very effective in a way that it works on various body parts simultaneous as listed below.

  1. Shoulder
  2. Quads
  3. Chest
  4. Heart rate
  5. Core

As a beginner doing at least 10 reps to the best of your ability is a good place to start. In the start it will feel like hell has been broken loose but hung in there because that’s a feeling we all get when starting out.


This is one of the most dreaded exercise in the whole world. I have not met a single person who never complains about squats while starting out. You must also know that this is one the most important exercise that you will ever do.

This is an exercise your going to meet in almost every program or routine you will encounter on this journey that you have started.

The squat is a compound exercise which means it also targets more than one body part. It will raise your heart rate so first and also your quads will burn so quickly as a beginner. It’s better to make peace with the squat because its one exercise that your going to be doing almost the whole of your life.

Doing around 10 reps is another good place to start.


This is another lower body focused exercise that you must make peace with because it will be seen so often on your fitness journey. Lunges just like the squats are very effective exercises when it comes to burning fat.

They are heart rate intensive and also very effective in body conditioning. Doing a total of 10 reverse lunges each leg and 10 front lounges for starters is an effective way to attack that body fat. You can never go wrong when it comes to lunges and squats.

In my gym sessions, every time I tell a person that its time for lunges, you see the look on their face. It’s plain to see that they feel like they are being punished for a crime they did. It’s very wrong to approach these lower body exercises with such a mind set.

When you brain shuts down on something, trust me the body will follow suit and this will take you longer to embrace and master the very important and very effective exercise.

It’s very important that we fix our psychological approach to these dreaded exercises at the start of our journey.


This is an upper body exercise that targets the chest, biceps, triceps(depending on the variation), back and the core. In fact, it’s one exercise that many use to evaluate someones fitness level.

When it comes to push-ups, most ladies find it very difficult. Its very okay to start with the half push-up(knees remain down) and as you grow in strength you will be able to do the full push-up.

Again I suggest that 10 push-ups is a good start. It can be the full ones or the half ones for that matter. If at all your a beginner, do to the best of your ability. What I discourage is giving up before you make the 10 reps.

You can take as many 30 sec rests in between the push-ups but you must push to make the 10 reps.

This applys to all the above exercises. Endurance is a big part of the process of losing weight and for that matter you must endure the pain there of. Slowly by slowly you will get better as long as you keep on pushing your self one step at a time.

The push up is both a cardio and strength exercise that we must always inc operate within our workout routines.

As a matter of fact there are so many advanced exercises that build off a push-up that you will soon encounter as you advance. So it’s better to master it at the early stages.

Important Considerations

Am sure at the beginning of this article you must have expected to see sit-ups  or  crunches somewhere on the list just like many other workout programs.

This is not to disregard them but through experience I have come to find out that they are not as important in the journey of weight loss.


The key factor here is to engage in exercises that work more than one body part simultaneous and we very well know that sit-ups or crunches target a single body part. They are an isolation exercise.

It’s also important to note that all the exercises mentioned above are very effective when it comes to working your core or to lose belly fat for that matter.

The focus should be on strength and cardio which can surely be achieved by doing just the above listed exercises.

This is how I think your routine should look like

10 star jumps

10 squats

10 lunges

10 push-ups.

If you are beginner you can repeat the above routine at least 2 times and for the intermediate a minimum of four rounds. As for the advanced anywhere above five rounds is great.

This program is to be followed for a period of at least four weeks and I guarantee you results if at all you keep yourself at the edge.

This routine can be done 3 to 4 times a week religiously.

I also guess you have realized that there are mostly lower body exercises. The reason there is that the legs are the largest muscle of the body. Working the legs intensely will immediately raise the heart rate and of course metabolism will kick in.


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