How To Lose Weight In 30 Days – Tips To Quicken Your Fat Loss

When you search the internet or visit a book store, you will be overwhelmed with all the information that has been written about the subject of how to weight...

When you search the internet or visit a book store, you will be overwhelmed with all the information that has been written about the subject of how to weight loss in 30 days or fewer or even more. You can easily be overwhelmed by the different ideas on just this one subject.

It becomes very confusing to a point of not even being able to tell right from wrong. You can easily fall into a trap of gathering all the information on the subject without practicing any.

As I write this, I see myself in the early days of losing weight. I read every article I came across and bought every book I laid my eyes on. It was too much for me that I came to a point of giving up even before I started.

Even when I began, different Ideas were running in mind bringing about doubts in my mind second guessing whatever I was doing.

In this article, I will help you get through all the clatter and direct you to the right place of this big topic called weight loss.

The Best Approach To Dieting

In my earlier posts, I never went into detail about dieting and I will not to go deep into it in this section. This doesn’t mean that dieting is not important but am avoiding to lead you into a trap that I was led into while I was starting out.

I don’t want you to get over whelmed by the science behind the dieting and the numbers that come their of. Please allow me to keep it simple and practice. Whatever I share is got from my own experience.

The approach that am about to share with you is very simple and practical. It is that of whole foods(natural) versus processed foods.

Firstly we all have to agree that loosing substantial weight in 30 days is no small task and requires commitment, consistency and determination.

Am a very strong believer of reducing the portion size of the food we take as we progressively totally eliminate the bad foods. My approach has always been reducing the bad food like processed food and sugars(sodas, juices, pestries, white bread, pizza, french fries, etc) as we increase the natural and protein rich foods simultaneously.

But of course losing weight in 30 days will call for a little more sacrifice.

If you are to see immediate effect in 30 days or fewer, I advise you to take the approach of totally eliminating the processed sugars and embrace whole foods such as fruits, beef, chicken, turkey, tomatoes, brown rice etc. You must also limit carbs to lunch. Eat a very light protein rich meal for dinner or supper.

Bananas, eggs, or fruit smoothies mixed with some protein powder if possible will do a very fulfilling and healthy breakfast.

Physical Activity Is A Must

In my opinion exercise is compulsory in this quest for losing weight. I have seen many try to lose weight on diet only or buying the now day trending slim pills and end up getting complications in the aftermath.

Working out will enhance your metabolism which will quicken the weight loss process. Working out will improve your heart health a great deal, it will increase your energy, exercise will improve you mental clarity, exercise will help you a great deal in maintaining your muscle although this will depend on which particular type of exercise that you do.

Working out will boost your confidence in the process.

It totally makes no sense to me for someone to choose a path of weight loss without including an exercise routine. I have come to believe their is no healthy diet by its self that will help you lose weight in 30 days.

If at all that diet is their, I would brand it starving. We all know the demerits of starving ourselves and it’s something we must shy away from.

Am a big fun of HIGHT INTESITY INTERVAL TRAINING for its tremendous results that I experienced. I recommend that you also do about 30 minutes of HIIT cardio 4 – 5times a week.

This can be done at a time of your convenience though I would recommend you do the cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. This will get you great results in the shortest time possible.


Be Realistic

I strongly believe in setting big goals but sometimes they turn out to be a demoralizing factor. I totally would think someone is insane when they say they want to lose 15kg in one month as their goal. Loosing that amount of weight would be a very dangerous move on your own health.

It doesn’t make sense to get rid of one problem while creating another. In fact creating a more fatal one. How about considering something possible! Something like 3-5kgs a month? I think that would be realistic and achievable.

You should also bear in mind that losing weight in 30 days only comes in as a quick fix or a jump start. In most cases it’s impossible to mentain the intensity of exercising that you do in those 30 days. We all know life doesn’t end in those 30 days.

You should not think that after those 30 days then that’s’s the end of it all. This is a life style and a journey that never ends.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a very good motivational factor. Every time you see the gains or progress in the right direction you tend to feel the force that pushes you to do more.

You have some gurus say that always en devour to celebrate your successes no matter how small. This you must include in your exercising and diet life.

Every week evaluate the progress and celebrate that small success whatsoever. This does not mean celebrating with all the bad food or else your efforts will be futile.

You can share with friends who understand your goals or even feel free to brag about it on your social media pages.

Be Accountable

I know when you start out on such an intensity workout and diet routine, you tend to hit the plateau in just a few days. Moral is easily lost and sometimes times when you can’t pick yourself up you need someone you trust and respect to pull you up.

This person must someone who understands the area your trying to get better at.

Once in while we all need that push when we lose focus and that encouragement when we feel low or week

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