Stories About Valentines Day

Get your Valentine's Day gift right this year! Image: Thinkstock

Buying a Valentine’s gift 101

Clueless on what to get your Valentine this year? Before you resort to chocolates and flowers, read this!

Some rather original presents were exchanged this year! Image: Thinkstock

Weird and wonderful Valentine's gifts revealed

Did you receive flowers or a goldfish for Valentine's? Some wacky gifts were exchanged this year.

Kissing is off the menu on most first dates. Image: Thinkstock

Most people 'wouldn't kiss on their first date'

Some 70 per cent of people wouldn't kiss on their first date, a survey has revealed.

Women value their man's ethics, a study found. Image: Thinkstock

Ethics are better than looks, say single women

Men who have good ethics will win a woman's heart over one who is good looking, a new survey has revealed.

Love is in the air this weekend. Image: Thinkstock

Top Valentine's Day present ideas

Nicole Canning comes up with some wonderful presents for Valentine's Day. Best get shopping boys.

Aloofness may pay off in the dating game. Image: Thinkstock

Playing hard to get can woo a woman

Men of mystery who hide their feelings may be more attractive to the opposite sex, a new study has revealed.

Plan a romantic getaway this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Image: Thinkstock

Valentine's Day spa getaway packages for couples

Planning a Valentine's getaway for this weekend? TotallyLiving has found some of the best deals for couples.

You could meet your future partner in a supermarket. Image:Thinkstock

Love really is all around, says dating guru

Finding love in the fruit and veg isles? James Preece, dating expert says you can find love anywhere and everywhere.

A traditional Oriental experience at Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa: a little piece of relaxation heaven

An authentic Thai facial and massage in central London? Nicole Canning checks out what Thai Square Spa has to offer.

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