Too much alcohol has 'devastating' effects

Monday, 21 February 2011 10:28 AM

Drinking too much alcohol can have "devastating" health effects, according to one expert.

More than 60 diseases are linked to alcohol and the fact it is now more affordable is having an impact on people's drinking habits, said Dr Evelyn Gillan, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland.

"Alcohol has become a part of our everyday lives and sadly alcohol misuse is affecting everyone, not just a small percentage of the population," she said, explaining that it is vital for people to understand why we are all drinking so much.

If the government does not invest money in alcohol services, the number of hospital admissions related to drinking is set to rise to 1.5 million per year by the end of this year, Alcohol Concern has warned.

Hospital admissions for alcohol misuse have doubled since 2002, and the NHS pays out around £2.7 billion every year to help people admitted with alcohol-related problems, the national agency said.

"The simple message is we all need to drink less," Dr Gillan concluded.

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