Wills and Kate Royal Wedding Mania

Thursday, 21 April 2011 4:16 PM

Unless you’ve been living in the deepest, darkest forests of Borneo, you may have heard that Wills and Kate are getting married.
And as the wedding fast approaches, coverage of soon-to-be Princess Catherine has exploded.

But what we find most entertaining here in the TotallyLiving office is the endless supply of novelty Royal Wedding memorabilia hitting the shelves. Not only are we dumb-founded that someone has actually designed it, but we are baffled by the thought that someone would actually buy them.

A fridge with Will and Kate’s faces greeting you for breakfast every morning? Hmmm....one does wonder what one would do with such a thing after April 29th.

So, in the spirit of all things Royal, we’ve bundled together some of the best Royal Wedding Memorabilia we’ve come across in the last few weeks for your amusement and erm, shopping ease?


Designer, Chloe Bayly, 24, has recreated some of Kate's iconic dresses in miniture sizes using Harumika, a fun and easy to use creative toy that combines art and craft with fashion. Chloe's predictions for Kate's wedding dress is also something similar to Diana's it seems. 

Manchester mosaic artist Mark Kennedy has created a Love Hearts homage to Wills and Kate commissioned by confectionery giant Swizzels Matlow. Mark used 10,000 special edition Love Hearts featuring the words ‘Just Married’ to produce the sweet masterpiece at his Northern Quarter studio in Manchester. 


Slotted into a greetings card to celebrate the pending nuptials, this wonderfully bonkers pair of teabags is bound to raise a smile. Each teabag makes a classic blend of Assam, perfect for visiting Royal-Tea. £5.99 per pair available from Firebox.com.

If your name is Kate and you happen to have a boyfriend called Will, then yes, you can wear this, as it is rather pretty. However, if your name is Anne, and your other-half is Dave, it’s not quite the same. £77 available from TheTravellingSouk.com.

Ok, she might look a little creepy, and only resembles Kate because she’s wearing that blue dress, but at least it’s going to a good cause. Only 10,000 dolls were produced and each purchase gives a donation to Help for Heroes. And there’s rumours of there being a 'Wedding Princess Catherine Doll' too. £34.95 available from Hamleys and Harrods.


So if dolls aren’t your thing, how about a bear? Find a cuddly version of The Princess Catherine Doll in Build-a-Bear stores nationwide with her satin blue dress only £8.00.


I have a feeling I will be wearing this on April 29th. Any chance we could also get one that says ‘Harry, pick me!’ too? £9.99 available from MyCrownJewels.co.uk.

If you want to have a Royal night in London on the eve of the wedding, check-in with Premier Inn. In their Central London locations, guests will be able to sleep in bed linen with Wills and Kate’s bodies printed on them. Best hurry though, you must request your Royal bedding before April 22nd.

A bit grungier than Kate's usual Whistles and Jigsaw style, this punk portrait of Wills and Kate features art by Rich Simmons. £285 with frame available from EastEndPrints.co.uk.


Maybe The Fridge wasn’t too your taste, but what about sliding doors? Available in lovely hot pink, grey and now a regal red SpaceSlide.co.uk have created these commemorative wardrobe doors for £448.



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