Avoid the hassle of back to school head lice

With children heading back to school this week following October half term, many mums might be worrying about what the rest of the school year may bring. As well as the concerns over homework and behaviour, parents are likely to start fretting about head lice.
Around 70 per cent admitted that their child has so far suffered from two bouts of head lice in their school life. With so many children in a school environment it is easy for lice to get passed around, which can lead to discomfort for your child as well as the lice affecting your family.
Even though so many children are affected by head lice during their school years large numbers of mums are still embarrassed to admit that their child has lice. According to new research by Lyclear, 55 per cent of mums won’t tell people that their child has lice because they are embarrassed.
Although it is unlikely that children, especially younger ones, will care about people knowing they have lice, 35 per cent of mums believe that they will be judged if they tell people. A quarter also thought that other people would be disgusted if they discovered that a child had head lice.
With almost one in ten mums saying that the most embarrassing moment for a parent is to find that their child has been spreading head lice, it is no surprise that few will admit to the issue. In fact some mums are so keen to avoid having to tell others that they will resort to extreme measures, with one in ten saying they have ended up shaving their child’s head to get rid of the lice.
Sue Atkins, parenting coach, believes that the reason mums have a hard time admitting that their child has lice is because of the pressure they are under when it comes to parenting. She said that the problem with not admitting it is that it can have an adverse effect on your child.
“Mums must remember to have their child’s best interest at heart and keeping head lice a secret may result in their children feeling like they have done something wrong. To ensure your child does not have negative associations with head lice try to turn the treatment process into a positive experience,” she said.
Rather than going to drastic measures to get rid of the pests – like the four per cent of mums that use dog shampoo on their children – it is best to use an efficient treatment. Finding an effective treatment can mean that you don’t need to repeat the process in the near future. This can be beneficial for both you and your child, who doesn’t have to sit through the treatment or endure the irritation of head lice again for a while.
Lyclear treatments for head lice are 100 per cent effective and come in a number of forms, including sprays, shampoos and products for sensitive skin. Available from both pharmacies and supermarkets, the treatments effectively kill all head lice, saving you from embarrassment and letting your child get on with learning and playing at school.

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